Askinosie Chocolate is an American chocolate producer located in Springfield, Missouri. The company produces single origin chocolate and sells natural cocoa powder. Sawn Askinosie started the company after ending his career as a lawyer in 2005 to work on his new passion – chocolate.

Askinosie Chocolate takes pride in its chocolate, and also in its packaging. The entire chocolate bar represents the company's commitment to being green. The inner packaging is home compostable, the outer bag is made from non bleached kraft paper and is tied together using recycled pieces of biodegradable cocoa bean sacks.


Askinosie chocolate is not fair trade certified but claims to pay over the fair trade price to its farmers and instituted an additional profit sharing program which is paid above and beyond the price paid for the beans. The reason for lack of fair trade certification is that their farmers cannot afford the certification process.

For Fun 

Askinosie stamps a "Choc-O-Lot" number on each bar that allows you to lookup its packaging and transport dates through its website.