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Ocumare 70% Dark Chocolate

Cocoa %:

The Amano Ocumare dark chocolate bar is a puzzling secret wrapped in foil and paper.

With an adventurous frequency the fluctuation in the chocolate bar’s aroma is large. The smooth mellow nature of the dark yet sweet scent is in a word: perfect.

The medium firm snap lacks a certain crispness when bitten, staying on the comparatively softer side of the Amano product line. The overtone extruding from the chocolate as it first sits in your mouth is that of fermenting bitter cabbage or green beans. The initial tongue-numbing flavor is, well… not great.

The chocolate remains sweet through the off-putting overtone but if you allow your pallet time to adjust something wonderful happens. The sweetness becomes more mellow and consistent. The bitter flavor mellows out to disappears completely and you are left with a fantastic flavored chocolate that is timid yet simultaneously bounding with excellent flavors including an interesting grapeseed undertone.

The calm and surprisingly relaxing flavor melts away your entire day leaving you with not a care in the world. Sadly the chocolate has a grainy texture while inexplicably also possessing a gentle sweeping smoothness to the grains. In the end you find yourself – not caring.

The bar melts away easily and while the meld is lacking in both quantity and quality the fantastic, relaxing chocolate makes it difficult to particularly care. A spa experience for your taste buds.

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