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Montanya 70% Dark Chocolate

Cocoa %:

The Amano Montanya dark chocolate bar has a familiar start but a surprisingly unique finish.

Amano’s proprietary chocolate production creates a unique but consistent aroma across their range of bars and the Montanya is no exception. The aroma has a lightly sweet overtone of medium cocoa and a hard snap.

At first bite the chocolate comes across as unsweetened with an immediate flavor that distracts - a tone that does not compliment but takes away from the base flavor. The only way to avoid the undesirable flavor is to chew the chocolate – breaking a cardinal rule of quality tasting. Though, upon chewing, the chocolate becomes sweeter and the base flavor really tastes great.

As the chocolate melts in your mouth it is again strongly overpowered by an extremely bitter vegetable tone, particularly of sour zucchini. The bar is very hard and does not melt quickly at all. The liquid state is dry and semi powdery and the entire experience is more of something you suffer through rather than enjoy. It has the same aftertaste, I imagine, as squash mixed with scotch (the alcohol).

The best overall description available is: pretty terrible with fleeting moments of greatness.
Recommendation: chew at all costs.

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