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Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate

Cocoa %:

The Amano Madagascar Dark chocolate bar can provide a great flavor note experience even for those with unresponsive pallets.

A gently dark semisweet tone abounds from the bar that is reminiscent of freshly opened chocolate chips. A partially sweet, melty, smooth aroma only with a light overtone of an unidentifiable zippy fragrance.

The chocolate produces an extremely good hard-biting sound. Right away a dark taste with a sweet tart-like middle tone makes you expect to bite into a raisin or apricot. The flavor is subtle but also quite present and impossible to miss. The flavor is lacking the great deep punch normally associated with such a dark bar but it has a fun extremely convincing fruit property that gleefully distracts you from worrying about that.

The flavor is absolutely spectacular with a strong chocolate base that can be enjoyed at any speed although you want to go slowly to pick up on the more tame flavors like the subtle yet sharp lime flourishes.

The texture is by far the most disappointing aspect of this otherwise triumphant bar. The thin meld between solid and liquid has the consistency of a soft powder , flour-like. The melt is not the worst but far from great. The benefit though as it melts slowly from your tongue is that the fruity fun flavor is inescapable.

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