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Dos Rios 70% Dark Chocolate

Cocoa %:

The Amano Dos Rios dark chocolate bar has one of the strongest cacao flavor notes you may ever experience.

The bar has a moderately deep aroma base with overtones of dark orange that overshadow the chocolate with a bitter scent. The snap is just slightly softer than perfection when bitten. After the first bite however, there is no turning back.

Immediately you are bombarded with a strong, pungent, tongue-numbing bitterness. A whirlwind of fruit flavor so strong it almost hurts. The flavors are so substantial you will strongly believe that they must have been added-in artificially rather than being naturally occurring.

While the strong flavor notes are a spectacular testament to the uniqueness of the cacao's origin and the manufacturing processes, the fruit flavor lacks any mid range or undertones and has no depth - just flavor treading across the high notes of your palette. The possibility of tasting anything else – including the sugar is overshadowed by orange. But an orange without depth more like burnt orange or orange peel. The flavor experience is overwhelming. There are other flavors that try to come out, a faint woodsy cherry tree undertone but it is gone before it comes.

The chocolate has a horrible texture that is grainy, powdery, dry, and has no meld between the solid and liquid state. Both in liquid and solid form the chocolate has an inexplicable grainy feeling.

Overall the chocolate itself is dull in cocoa flavor (it is not very chocolaty) with a soulless overbearing strength of unpleasant orange that wreaks havoc on your palette for hours.


Author's special note:
I should disclose that generally I am personally biased against enjoying orange flavored chocolate pairings, but I have in good faith given this chocolate a fair review based on the quality of the chocolate itself and the individual flavors therein without regard to my personal flavor combination preferences. Unfortunately, I find the orange flavor itself unpleasant – being how I imagine orange scented perfume might taste like.

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