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Swiss Bittersweet

Cocoa %:

The Lindt Swiss Bittersweet bar is a medium dark chocolate bar that proves simplicity can be elegant.

The bar gives off a sweet, even, mellow scent with an abundance of sugar. The strong presence of sweet vanilla escapes. The aroma smells gentle and delicate.

The snap is soft and immediately you are greeted with the flavor of sweet chocolate. The cocoa flavor is gentile and light at first as it gradually builds stronger and stronger. The peak flavor occurs as the chocolate is melting away and stays far after the chocolate has gone. The punch is not as severe as hoped as the bar is sweeter and less chocolaty. However, there is something about it. In no way is it watery but the chocolate is somehow quenching.

The Swiss Bittersweet bar could  be mistaken for a lower quality chocolate with its simple nature and soft consistency but the truth is that it is elegant in its simplicity. The snap is medially soft if you take a quick bite but the chocolate itself is quite soft which is the only downside to it’s texture rating. As disappointed as I am with its softness and lack of cocoa punch, it is still elegant overall. When melting the texture of the liquid and solid against your mouth and tongue is perfect. Although it can be eaten fast it would be a travesty to miss out on the delight of letting it melt slowly. You miss much of the vanilla and the way the flavor rolls and builds up before crashing down as it is melting away.

Despite the high sugar content, during the entire experience you only think about sugar once, in the beginning as it first touches your tongue and then never again. The chocolate is weak in cocoa flavor but strong in texture although the minimalist flavor of vanilla flirts with simple elegance.

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