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Classic Recipe Dark Chocolate

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The Lindt Classic Recipe Dark Chocolate Bar is a sweet dark chocolate sure to make anyone smile.

There is a medium lightness to the aroma, definitely dark and almost airy without being too light. The scent leads you to believe the chocolate will be smooth. Visually, it is about the smoothest looking chocolate I have noticed from a bar. Somehow just holding the bar emanates preciousness.

A solid crisp snap, even on a warm day, with a mild resounding ring but without the crisp twang of a harder bar lets you know what to expect. The fist sensation as it touches your tongue is sugar followed by cocoa. If you just let it rest on your tongue it tastes like it is wrapped in a sugary glaze coating.

It is a definite lighter dark chocolate and is loaded with sugar although you cannot taste or feel granules instead it is more like confectioners sugar – subtle and then building with no harsh texture. The chocolate becomes darker and darker as it melts in your mouth but never becomes as dark as you expect.

Lindt’s Classic Recipe Dark Chocolate is tempered great as every swirl is smooth. The melting chocolate is perfectly creamy. In fact, the texture would be flawless if it was not quite so soft. For a real dark chocolate lover this is just far too sweet. Don’t get me wrong it is amazing in flavor and texture, the experience is great but dark lover beware you may think you are eating a brown colored sugar bar.

The easy to chew, crispy softness of this sweet chocolate is sure to be enjoyed. There is a hard to detect hint of a roasted leafy flavor and also an undertone of artificial banana pudding. It takes away from the experience as it is conflicting. The chocolate can be eaten fast and really enjoyed by any level of chocolate lover. The genius of the texture comes at the price of being sticky and the overly sweet flavor will make you thirsty.

The package says smooth and mild and I agree as long as we are talking about smooth as in texture and mild as in cocoa flavor. The sugar unfortunately is kind of in your face.

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