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Espresso Dark chocolate

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Green & Black’s Espresso Dark Chocolate bar, despite the score, is actually a favorable treat that deserves your attention.

To say that the aroma is rich would be like saying Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are doing ok for themselves. The phrase that comes to mind is filthy stinking rich. Instead of the scent of mocha, as expected, the aroma distinctively is simultaneously chocolate and also quite separately coffee (espresso). There is a heavily darkened roast overtone  that matches the bar’s dark color.

Oddly, the chocolate has no snap. None. No sound at all. It does break, it is just… mute. Almost before it touches your tongue you are inundated with a dark coffee / espresso flavor. The instantaneous flavor is hardly sweet but not bitter. Then suddenly there it is – that bitter coffee taste. Is this chocolate or solidified coffee? I love it.

The coffee is so strong it does overtake the chocolate. Completely. Honestly, the candy bar could be made out of any filler - it doesn’t have to be chocolate. It could be flavorless soap with espresso for all anyone could tell. Based on the consistency it very well may be soap – there is no snap, it’s chewy and squishy. The chocolate feels cheap texturally. The liquid melts away soon and leaves no velvety feeling.

As you run your tongue around it the chocolate strives to come out and just as it starts to it is simply overpowered. The chocolate seems perfectly selected to fit with the espresso in-that they match in depth and darkness enough for the chocolate not to stand out. All of the interesting flavor notes seem to come directly from the espresso and not from the chocolate. The bar has an earthy tangy feeling of just a coffee bitterness.

I do enjoy this chocolate, as an adult candy bar it is amazing. I would gladly buy for myself and enjoy it. But it hardly comes across as chocolate. On one hand, I want to give it high marks for being delicious, but on the other low marks for not being chocolaty.

Due to the strong pallet ruining flavor it may be difficult to enjoy with, or before, another food item unless the item happens to be a contrasting flavor. Fresh strawberries anyone?

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