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Excellence A Touch Of Sea Salt

Cocoa %:

The Lindt Excellence A Touch Of Sea Salt bar is an excellent example of sweet and salty treat.

The chocolate has a refreshingly faint cocoa scent that remains heavy yet mellow and induces an impression of creamy marshmallows that sets up an expectation of a light and fluffy chocolate. The reality though, is somewhat surprising.

The chocolate is darker than the expectations set by the aroma having an end flavor of a darker 65% bar despite only having 47% cocoa in reality. As it sits in your mouth its depth culminates as you feel a sudden dull thud when the force of the cocoa hits you.

The sea salt is not completely mixed into the chocolate recipe but rather placed into the bar in crystalline form. It accomplishes the opposite effect as Dutch chocolate: the chunks of salt compliment the dark cocoa by uplifting the dept and intensifying the flavor of the cocoa as it dances on your tongue.

The chocolate is soft but melts perfectly as the smooth texture of the melting chocolate glides against your tongue like massage oil on your back. The flavor and texture of the salt will be loved by those who enjoy sweet and salty combinations as the pairing between the sea salt and the specific chocolate recipe used is near flawless. The two simply belong together.

The consistency of the chocolate as it becomes softer in your mouth holds true to the expectations set by the marshmallow aroma and to that point – everything about this bar screams “Use me for s’mores!”.

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