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Cherry Dark Chocolate

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The Green & Black’s Cherry Dark Chocolate bar has a familiar aroma that surprisingly lacks any fruit notes.

The idea of combining cherry flavor and chocolate sounds like an idea that couldn’t possibly go wrong but turns out to depend on execution as much as any other chocolate.

The aroma of the chocolate is familiar, strong, and dark. It is similar to Green & Black’s 70% bar, though giving off a partially generic and slightly lighter scent. The most surprising thing about the bar is that despite containing whole or very large chunks of cherries throughout, there are no fruit notes detectable before tasting.

The first bite is like an explosion of sweet and sour, nothing like what is expected. The flavor comes on instantly, although graduates over the course of the melt. Distinguishing the quality of the chocolate is cumbersome due to the enormously conflicting flavors. Unfortunately, the remarkably strong cherry flavor makes it difficult to pick out subtle flavors in the chocolate. It is overwhelming, which is fine if you like cherries but too much if you want to truly appreciate the effort put into the chocolate itself. The sweet depth of the chocolate contrasts against the light, acidic, tartness of the sour cherries. As the flavor develops in your mouth it becomes quite tart, and not as a note but as a defining flavor.

The acidic cherries distract from the enjoyment of the chocolate. Chewing faster turns out to be the wrong thing to do as it only aggravates the cherry flavor making it stronger and giving the chocolate less time to balance the tartness with sugar. The texture is pleasant as it melts well, but there is a slight bit of graininess to the powdery feel left in the mouth. There is a fun lightness to the chocolate, in its reduced deepness compared to the 70% dark bar that is enjoyable.

The fruit in the Cherry dark chocolate bar is much more tart, sweet, and powerful compared to similar dried cherries available from the grocery store, which are more faint and plastic-like. Green & Black’s cherries are fresher tasting and more raisenesque having a more fleshy consistency.

Far too tart overall, the chocolate is masked by such strong sour cherries that it may as well be lower quality. A nice addition for someone looking for a cherry or dessert fix but just not satisfying enough to solve a chocolate fix. The flavor created by this combination is not for the faint of heart!

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