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Dark 70%

Cocoa %:

Green & Black’s Dark 70% has a strong, sweet, almost fruity, rich dark scent that emanates from the bar.

There is nothing plain about the aroma, but as more chocolate is unwrapped the novelty becomes fleeting and the scent begins leaning toward ordinary although not boring.

Immediately after the bar’s firm snap, you are greeted by the strong and very bitter flavor of a dark bar with little sugar. At times the flavor seems to reject your taste buds as the chocolate gently moves in your mouth. It is not until pressure is applied firmly that you taste all the chocolate has to offer. There is a tartness to the bar, like a battery zap to the tip of your tongue or like licking a lemon. The main flavor can be described as strong but also dull.

The elusive, stand-alone flavor of the chocolate has a delayed presentation making it difficult or even frustrating to enjoy without chewing. If your patience wears thin while waiting for the delay, chewing the chocolate results in a bland mass that suddenly explodes like a tropical fruit salad in your mouth. There is clearly something zingy about it which presents like citric acid but does not taste like any specific citrus. There is also a dull undertone of an unidentifiable green fruit or leaf.

The chocolate has a texture that is smooth and even. The bar melts away by quickly turning to a thin liquid while the solid mass remains solid. There is a brief window of molten chocolate that is very excellent. The overall firmness is essentially perfect. It leaves a trace sensation of powder although there is no perception of grains and does not convey chalkiness. It makes your mouth water and when you stop eating your mouth is wet but feels dry.

Overall the bar may benefit from a touch more sugar to counteract the tart zippy kick but it could be far worse. The texture is a bit displaced but really good and the flavor is extraordinary. Once the delay kicks in there is an abundance of bittersweet flavor to delight in. Recommended for thrill seekers and adventurers.

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