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Intense Dark Evening Dream

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Ghirardelli's Intense Dark Evening Dream bar has a powdery, almost chalky aroma and a distinctive smell unique to Ghirardelli.

A flat and consistent, somewhat sweet undertone surrounds the rich, dark scent of the bar as it is unwrapped.

Its smooth exterior is tempered to a waxy high gloss, and has a splintery-stiff snap. It becomes clear at first bite: this is a very hard, crisp chocolate. The consistency of the chocolate remains quite firm even while melting. The packaging uses the word "creamy" several times in its descriptions and notes but the stiff character of the chocolate seems at odds with the marketing material. The chocolate remains rigid as it slowly dissipates with no transition between solid and liquid. The melted chocolate is like a hydrated fine powder, almost chalky - but never creamy.

The redeeming quality of the bar is realized once you understand it is more of an experience than a simple dessert. What it lacks in texture is more than made up for in a fantastic array of flavors. The chocolate is bitter at first but changes as it rests in your mouth. The sweetness begins to come out along with a woods flavor note and a fleeting presence of berries. The chocolate continues to release an abundance of flavors that can only be described as a journey. As the flavors change they mix and flow like water in a cup aboard a rocking ship.

Overall, the citrus notes and flavors of sweet and almost sour berries are a refreshing high-point to any chocolate lover's day. You really feel like you could squeeze the flavors right out of the chocolate if you were to chew it slowly enough.

In a word: fantastic.

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