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Royal Dark Chocolate

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Cadbury's Royal Dark chocolate bar has scent that is distinctively unique and inviting.

The chocolate bar's aroma is full bodied and light; having girth but not the depth expected from dark chocolate. The smell is both disappointingly sweet, and inexplicably reminiscent of childhood memories. It is supremely generic, identifying as neither milk nor dark but as just "chocolate".

The first bite has a certain crispness to it but less snap than is desirable with an overall medium firmness that nudges on the gently softer side. The chocolate then softens and the texture finishes evenly.

Despite the generic fragrance, the moment it hits your tongue the chocolate feels dark. As it slowly melts the flavor becomes lighter and you begin to taste the sugar. While the sugar may be in abundance the sweetness is even, consistent, and in the background.

While Royal Dark may not be the ideal chocolate, it seems to be the generic definition of what chocolate is. It can be universally recommended because there is something about it that makes you feel good. Despite being exceptionally unexceptional, it does almost everything right, somehow. If you have never had chocolate before and wanted to know what it tastes like, you cannot go wrong with Royal Dark.


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