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Guayas 70% Dark Chocolate

Cocoa %:

The Amano Guayas 70% dark chocolate bar has a succulently sweet aroma that can best be described as zippy.

The strong fruity fragrance of the chocolate leads you to believe your tongue is in for a tingly adventure, making it difficult to exercise initial restraint. If you venture too close though, the scent is so sharp it can borderline on painful to the nose.

The Guayas bar showcases an amazing snap coupled with an excellent texture that creates a moment of instant satisfaction at first bite. That is not to say, however, that the texture is without any drawbacks. There is room for improvement as the chocolate remains too solid while melting, dissipating without a desirable transition. The soft texture implores you to chew but is best left to melt away slowly after warming to body temperature.

The chocolate flavor is darkish at first before mellowing out. It becomes subtly exciting and then stops being subtle with an inrush of citrus. The flavor is not of any particular citrus fruit but a generic citrus peel - bringing a tart and bitter taste that lacks depth. The main flavor is inexplicably bland and dull and lacks a real flavor base. As you allow the chocolate to melt it brings out many flavor notes as a mix of deep undertones and bitter overtones. There are brief moments of great chocolate flavor but they are caught between the yo-yo effects of competing flavor tones. Alternatively, if the chocolate is chewed quickly all flavor production is shut down leaving you to ask: "What flavor?"

It seems the point of the Guayas bar must be for tasting points only. With no mid range and a lack of even flavor balance, the chocolate bar can be rather unenjoyable as a dessert but can be appreciated as a sophisticated pallet experience. The chocolate leaves your mouth dry, and the good cocoa flavor is followed by unwelcome tart flavor and overall is more pale than expected. The first bite is quite impressive, a feeling you may wish to hold onto for as long as possible. The wow-factor is instantly satisfying and unique. Then, in a flash, the moment is over... The novelty is gone, and you are left with the whole rest of the underwhelming bar. Now what?


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